LDT Laser Display Technology GmbH


Technology with Light

LDT Laser Display Technology GmbH develops project related customized illumination units for system integration.

Laser based white light sources combines characteristic advantages of laser sources with optically active materials for light conversion and enables the possibility to use diode lasers in lighting technology.

The functional principle is based on focussing one or more laser beams onto a conversion element (phosphor), preferably a ceramic phosphor. The optically active converter emits high intense white light with a defined colour temperature by irradiation with laser light of a defined wavelength.

A laser based white light source is a compact high power module for different illumination applications – universally usable in applications with high luminous intensities at small areas.

Suitable optics generate small cones over wide ranges.

The dimming option allows a wide application field with light on demand function.

Typical applications:

  • Automotive industry
    • High beam modules in car headlamps
  • Aerospace
    • High intense search lights
    • Landing lights
    • Pilotless applications
  • Defence
    • Non-lethal agents
    • Search lights
    • Vehicle lights