LDT Laser Display Technology GmbH


Projection technology

LDT provides laser projectors, which are suitable for military flight simulators and planetariums special. They provide a realistic, interactive visualization for a variety of situations, day and night.

Due to their physical properties, laser projectors are the ideal choice for use in projection domes and applications involving other spherical surfaces. Flight simulation and planetarium sessions have one thing in common: they are both held in semi-spherical domes to make the projected images appear more vivid and convey to the pilot or the viewer the feeling that they are acting out or taking part in a real situation. This is achieved by synchronizing and blending a set of projected laser images and finally combining them into a homogeneous single image. The strong contrast, brilliant colors and unlimited depth of focus create the impression of a three-dimensional image. Laser projectors can be part of reflected-light and transmitted-light projection setups, as well as collimated display applications.

High static contrast
A very high contrast level is indispensable for projection setups.

Display ability of the lowest grey levels
Authentic reproduction of the lowermost gray levels can be of decisive importance, notably, when night or twilight scenarios need to be rendered.

Brilliant colors with maximal saturation
Working with discrete laser wavelengths makes it possible to show 66% of all colors which people can perceive providing about double the color space of a traditional projector.

Multi-channel applications
Some applications require several initial images to be composed to a single image.

Very small lens aperture as light emission point
Where necessary to adapt to special application environments, objective lenses with an outlet pupil in off-lens position can be included.

Motion system compatibility
For certain applications, the projection head can be mounted onto a specially designed motion platform.

Vision Systems for Simulators

Laser projectors employed for military flight simulation enable a given situation to be visualized much more realistically than in the past, thus raising the standard of pilot training programs to a superior level of quality. In applications like these, domes with a diameter from 9 to 13 meters are used as projection surfaces. Up to 14 projection channels may be required for a simulation session. The various image sizes and resolution levels corresponding to the 14 channels are matched to the pilot's individual attention zones. Through selection of different projection lenses the best possible resolution is obtained for each zone.

Application examples

By cooperation with our project partners a number of big projects have been and continue to be implemented in the field of military flight simulation. They include laser projectors working as an integral part of F-18, Tornado, MiG 29K and C-160 Transall simulators.

Planetarium Applications

Planetariums use laser projectors for dome sizes between 9 and 23 meters. Typically, such applications rely on 6 projection channels with identical projection lenses. As a viewer you can be immersed in fascinating astronomic worlds.

Application examples

Auch in Planetarien werden die Laserprojektoren der LDT Laser Display Technology GmbH weltweit eingesetzt. Einkanalige Projektoren sowie Ganzkuppelsysteme mit mehreren Bildkanälen wurden in den Planetarien Hamburg, Wien, Peking und Jena verwendet.

Virtual Reality Applications

Cylinder projections make up another field of application. To optimize the viewer's angle of vision, it is also possible to provide special projection screen shapes. A 360-degree projection typically requires 6 projection channels.

Application examples

The Virtual Development and Training Centre of the Fraunhofer Institute IFF in Magdeburg, Germany provides diverse development teams high-tech working environments for planning, testing and operation of technical systems with virtual technologies since 2006. Industrial environments are shown in a three-dimensional way with laser projection.

Virtual Development and Training Center in Magdeburg

Virtual models of complex machinery and plants can be displayed on a 360-degree projection surface with three-dimensional effect. This is made possible by mutual super-positioning of six laser images on a round projection surface. LDT Laser Display Technology GmbH has delivered the complete projection system of six laser sub-systems with objective lenses, projectors and related transmission and control facilities.